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October 22

Community Manager @Resource Centre shared the file 13-84498_Ebook

3 years ago

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

October 17

October 06

September 05

Community Manager @Resource Centre: ABOUT 3000 people are expected to run against corruption on Sunday, October 19, at the CCP Complex, Pasay City for the annual Freedom Run. Click on link to read more...........

3 years ago • 2 comments

Mzwandile Banjathwa photo

Mzwandile Banjathwa @Resource Centre in reply to Community Manager: It would be good to have an initiative of such magnitude for the same course in our city!!

3 years ago

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Community Manager @Resource Centre: 100%. Maybe you could start our own run? we will definitely get a mass of followers and friends on our social media site. Also - more corruption fighting members on Corruption Watch Connected? It is also great exposure for the organisation as a whole.

3 years ago

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This group aims to provide documents relating to corruption both nationally and internationally in a space in which community members can interact with it.

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Below are a list of documents that you can download:

* Corruption Watch eBooks

* Understanding Precca

* Combating illicit financial flows: The role of the international community


* Un Global Compact - Anti-corruption