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Corruption in schools robs us of our future.

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October 21

Talitha Hlaka @Corruption in Schools: Check out our interview with the Africa Coalition Against Land Grabs http://corruptionwatchconnec...

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October 14

Talitha Hlaka @Corruption in Schools: Join Stay Connected for the latest Corruption Watch Connected updates http://corruptionwatchconnec...

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October 11

Talitha Hlaka @Corruption in Schools: Competition still open for Corruption Watch Connected’s power group. Say no to Corruption, enter now http://corruptionwatchconnec...

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September 23

Talitha Hlaka @Corruption in Schools: DO YOU HAVE THE POWER? Enter Corruption Watch Connected’s Power to the People competition and Say no to Corruption, enter now http://corruptionwatchconnec...

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April 17

Janice Scheckter @Corruption in Schools created a discussion forum HOW SCHOOL GOVERNING BODIES CONDUCT THEMSELVES

4 years ago

February 12

Corruption Watch @Corruption in Schools: Children at Phiri Primary School in Soweto must go to the toilet in these unsanitary conditions - because two contractors, who were paid millions between them, didn't finish the job. http://www.corruptionwatch.o...

4 years ago

February 07

February 06

Zameer Abbasi @Corruption in Schools: Corruption in schools is rather correctly called corruption in education sector as school happens to be the basic unit of education in society. Varying degrees of corruption have been noticed at school level but most important if all is absenteeism of teachers, improper enrolment, lack of curriculum reforms, budget embezzlement, and improper recruitment of teachers. All said corrupt practices go unchecked, mostly. Thus impunity is extended to delinquents. Responsible organisations need to prosecute

4 years ago

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Empower all stakeholders in schools to hold leaders accountable. Share with us your thoughts and experiences about corruption in schools. Where is it happening and what you think can be done to combat it.

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