• Sep. 26 2014
  • Kavisha Pillay

G20 whistleblowing laws – are they hitting or missing the mark? A lesson from Australia. By A.J Brown

Legal protection for whistleblowers living in the world’s biggest economies, the Group of 20, is patchy at best and needs to be strengthened to bolster the fight against corruption. The good news is that G20 leaders meeting in Brisbane in November can help make this happen.

Ahead of the Brisbane leaders’ summit, Transparency International Australia is co-publishing the first independent review of whistleblowing laws across the G20, with key recommendations for how G20 commitments can be better focused.

  • Sep. 19 2014
  • Kavisha Pillay

G20 Meets to Act on Corporate Taxes – But More Needed on Corruption - By Frank Vogl

The often highly complicated approaches used by giant corporations to lower their tax bills will be under attack at this weekend’s key meeting of finance ministers of the Group of 20 most powerful nations in Cairns, Australia.

Fighting corruption an ongoing struggle - By Candice Bailey

The latest high-profile money laundering case implicating Gauteng ANC chief whip Brian Hlongwa tells the tale of a plush life filled with tender favours for mansions, fully paid overseas holidays and personal helicopter trips across Johannesburg’s suburbs. But woven into the intricate reams of court papers detailing how the former Gauteng Health MEC allegedly received lucrative kickbacks from businessmen friends, is a small gem that may have gone unnoticed.


  • Sep. 9 2014
  • Kavisha Pillay

Fighting corruption around the world in five videos!

As the fight against corruption becomes more mobile and technology-driven, members of the Transparency International movement are using online video to raise awareness about bribery and abuse of power, and the ways to take action against it.

From flash mobs and dance moves, to full-length feature films, these videos capture the creativity and energy that goes into fighting corruption.